Franchise is a commercial activity in which the franchisor grants permission and requires the franchisee to independently engage in the buying and selling of goods or the provision of services under certain conditions. A franchise agreement is a contract that guides a business in using a product or a specific operational process that is an object of industrial property rights and is protected. Franchising involves the transfer of technology, product trademarks, or other intellectual property objects.

THE LAM‘s lawyers and associates have extensive experience in the field of franchise, particularly in practical matters related to buying and selling, franchising (technology transfer, product trademarks, fundraising, etc.), including research work, legal advice, financial model analysis (PnL), franchise system selection, contract drafting and review, negotiation, and protection of clients’ interests throughout the franchise process. This ensures that THE LAM meets the practical needs of its clients in the field of franchise.

THE LAM’s services in franchise consulting include:

  • Conducting research, providing advice, and selecting the most suitable franchise system according to the client’s needs.
  • Assessing the potential and prospects of the chosen franchise system and evaluating the capabilities of the franchisor.
  • Providing legal advice throughout the franchise contract negotiation process.
  • Drafting and reviewing contract terms to protect the client’s interests in compliance with Vietnamese and international laws.
  • Providing financial advisory services related to franchise contracts.
  • Handling the procedures for recording the franchise contract and obtaining permits for franchise transactions.
  • Monitoring, advising, and protecting the client’s rights and interests throughout the entire franchise process.

THE LAM LAW LLC is always ready to accompany and support legal issues for all domestic and international organizations and individuals. For any difficulties or obstacles, please feel free to contact us or send an email to receive our prompt and timely assistance!


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