THE LAM LAW LLC provides services for all orientations of inward and outward foreign investment. We have had extensive experience in representing corporate clients from their initial formation and accompanying them through the different stages of growth.

Specific industry knowledge

Our team of lawyers and experts have the expertise and practical experience to complete comprehensively difficult transactions in various industries include the following:

  • Clean food chain
  • Real Estate
  • Financial technology
  • Production of customer goods
  • Information technology
  • Manufacture and retail of chemical

Comprehensive professional knowledge

We have comprehensive experience in all orientation of international investment:

  • Bankruptcy acquisition and investment rescue
  • Cross-border transaction
  • Angel investor and funding round, IPO
  • Repurchase assets with borrowed capital
  • Private investment in Public Company

THE LAM LAW LLC provides consulting services to clients on the following issue:

  • Establishing a 100% foreign-owned enterprise or a joint venture with foreign investors;
  • Assisting foreign investors in investing in Vietnam through capital contribution, share purchase, capital contribution to established businesses in Vietnam, or through PPP (Public-Private Partnership) or BCC (Build-Transfer-Operate) contracts;
  • Setting up Branches/Representative Offices of foreign companies in Vietnam;
  • Obtaining licenses for IRC (Investor registration certificate) or making adjustments to IRC;
  • Applying for licenses for foreign contractors in Vietnam;
  • Assisting with procedures for outward investments;
  • Advising on project transfer procedures and the transfer of capital contributions by foreign investors;
  • Handling changes related to foreign investors and ERC (Enterprise Registration Certificate);
  • Providing legal advice on the process of Vietnamese investors investing abroad, including obtaining investment approval and licenses for outward investments;
  • Providing legal advice on the operational process of Projects.