Grenada – The Spice Island!

Grenada, nestled in the breathtaking Windward Islands of the Caribbean, is renowned for its production of nutmeg, accounting for one-third of the world’s total output. Beyond its spice trade, Grenada stands as a financial hub, a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, and boasts trade, commerce, and maritime agreements with the United States.

In 2013, Grenada initiated its Citizenship by Investment Program and has since swiftly implemented legislative adjustments as of May 24, 2019, fostering a welcoming environment for investors.

  • Population: 110.000
  • Language: English
  • Economic: Agriculture
  • Currency: Eastern Caribbean dollar and pegged to the US dollar since 1976.


  • Full citizenship rights 
  • No settlement required
  • Processing time of 6-8 months
  • Investment resort project is approved by the Government and have no risks
  • $220,000 investment, alongside a $50,000 government fee, investors and their family


Travel globally, visa-free to more than 140 countries

Enter the US with an E-2 Visa

Access to top-tier education

Freedom to travel to China

Business development opportunities

Property structure


Principal applicant

  • Aged 18 and above
  • Clean criminal record
  • Good health, free from serious illnesses or infectious diseases

Dependents accompanying:

  • Spouse
  • Children under 30 years old
  • Parents and grandparents on both sides
  • Unmarried siblings of the principal applicant

Investment Procedures

1. Client contacts THE LAM for a comprehensive consultation on a suitable program.

2. Prepare and review citizenship application documents.

3. Send documents to the lawyer and pay initial fees to the government.

4. Receive initial principal approval from the government after the bank and Government Council review the application.

5. Transfer investment funds and government fees.

6. Receive citizenship certificate and passport after submitting proof of investment fund transfer.

7. Become a citizen of Grenada.

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