The rapid and strong development of foreign investment in Vietnam has taken place in the past five years with a significant escalation in the quantity of M&A transactions in Corporates and Projects.

Our team of lawyers has constantly improved their expertise to create a good reputation and set high standards through these transactions. Their excellent experiences and abilities are recognized in the positive service evaluation from domestic and foreign clients.

THE LAM LAW LLC provides a comprehensive service for all phases of domestic and cross-border M&A transactions. The achievements are attributable to our expertise in business corporation and operation as well as the understanding of law and relevant regulation.

Our lawyers and professionals have extensive experience which enables us to advise investors well and to represent them in all matters relating to mergers and acquisitions as well as joint venture matters, both foreign and domestic.

THE LAM LAW LLC provides M&A consulting services to clients on the following issue:

  • Advising on the conditions, procedures, and sequence of M&A;
  • Providing advice and valuation of businesses;
  • Advising and assisting businesses in evaluating financial, legal, commercial and tax aspects prior to determining the value of the business for buying, selling, or merging purposes;
  • Advising, drafting, and participating in negotiations of contracts for buying, selling or merging businesses with relevant parties;
  • Providing advice on suitable options for mergers and acquisitions that align with the reality of the business and comply with legal regulations;
  • Acting on behalf of and representing businesses to carry out legal, tax, insurance and other relevant procedures.