Debt management is a crucial aspect for the existence and success of both companies and individuals. However, many clients still struggle to find the time, resources, and most effective methods to recover these difficult debts.

Therefore, in order to assist clients in resolving difficulties in recovering their outstanding debts, THE LAM LAW LLC provides legal advisory, negotiation services to facilitate debt recovery to protect the clients’ rights and legitimate interests, specifically:

For outstanding debts:

  • Arising from borrowing or lending assets without repayment;
  • Arising from contractual violations (including various types of contracts);
  • Arising from non-contractual liabilities.

THE LAM LAW LLC is always ready to accompany and support legal issues for all domestic and international organizations and individuals. For any difficulties or obstacles, please feel free to contact us or send an email to receive our prompt and timely assistance!



Corporate administration & Compliance

Regular legal consulting for businesses

Legal services for entrepreneurs

Debt recovery consulting

Franchise services

Contract Drafting &Review 

Other legal services

  • Business establishment
  • Business registration changes
  • Branch/Representative Office establishment
  • Representative office establishment
  • Internal dispute resolution
  • Legal representation in litigation
  • Business license
  • Labor and employment
  • Commercial mediation
  • Change of business entity type
  • Intellectual property consulting
  • Private attorney/lawyer
  • Business dissolution
  • Internal governance
  • Tax consulting