Reviewing/Drafting Contract involves examining and evaluating each provision of the contract, identifying potential risks and proposing appropriate solutions to address the client’s concerns. It aims to ensure a balance between the interests and needs of the client and anticipate potential risks in order to adjust the contract terms in line with the practical circumstances and legal regulations.

THE LAM LAW LLC regularly advises on various types of contracts, including but not limited to:

  • Commercial Contracts: buying and selling goods, supplying services, franchise agreements, etc;
  • Contract of capital contribution to establish company, contract of business cooperation, mergers and acquisitions agreements;
  • Real estate Agreement: transfer, lease, sublease, brokerage, management, and real estate-related business cooperation, etc;
  • Contracts related to labor relations;
  • Contracts in civil transactions.

Service Scope:

  • Researching documents, providing legal advice, and addressing legal aspects related to contracts;
  • Researching relevant materials and gathering information about the parties involved in specific cases as requested by the business to provide optimal advisory solutions for drafting and signing contracts, ensuring maximum benefits for the business and balancing the interests of all parties involved;
  • Reviewing and checking the content of contract drafts and identifying potential legal risks;
  • Providing legal advice and participating in negotiations and discussions with the parties involved;
  • Providing legal advice on other contract-related issues based on legal regulations as requested by the business

THE LAM LAW LLC is always ready to accompany and support legal issues for all domestic and international organizations and individuals. For any difficulties or obstacles, please feel free to contact us or send an email to receive our prompt and timely assistance!


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Contract Drafting &Review 

Other legal services

  • Business establishment
  • Business registration changes
  • Branch/Representative Office establishment
  • Representative office establishment
  • Internal dispute resolution
  • Legal representation in litigation
  • Business license
  • Labor and employment
  • Commercial mediation
  • Change of business entity type
  • Intellectual property consulting
  • Private attorney/lawyer
  • Business dissolution
  • Internal governance
  • Tax consulting