On August 18, 2023, THE LAM organized an internal training session with the topic “CONTRACT WITH DEPOSIT OF LAND USE RIGHTS“.

Deposit is a security measure widely and popularly applied in entering into a contract for the purpose of ensuring the performance of the civil obligations of the parties and binding the parties to perform another related civil transaction. A contract with deposit of land use rights is a contract with the subject matter being land use rights and land-attached assets (if any).

In fact, due to lacking of opportunity access to the law, or because of trusting each other, the parties in the transaction are not bound to the contract conditions carefully, thereby, it is inevitable that dispute arise. According to reality-based, disputes over contracts with deposit of land use rights in Vietnam are increasing gradually, not only quantitatively but also complexity in nature. Understanding that situation, THE LAM organized an internal training session with the topic “CONTRACT WITH DEPOSIT OF LAND USE RIGHTS”.

Through this training session, the staff at THE LAM not only have the opportunity to learn more in-depth about relevant current legal regulations but also exchange and discuss issues through many different viewing angles. This is necessary equipment on the journey to protect the legitimate rights and interests of customers.

In the coming time, THE LAM will continue to organize more professional training sessions. With a positive attitude towards “Lifelong learning”, which the entire staff at THE LAM always considers as a guideline, we believe that customers can trust in THE LAM wholeheartedly.


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