HO VO THANH VY (Senior Associate)

Phone: (+84) 93 134 9609

Email: vyho@thelamlawllc.com

Main Practices: Marriage & Family; Contract; Labor; Inheritance; Commercial; Enterprise; Intellectual Property; Legal Retainer; Out-of-court Representation; Litigation.


   Attorney Ho Vo Thanh Vy graduated from Ho Chi Minh City University of Law (2012-2016) and completed MBA program in Civil Law and Civil Procedure at the University of Economics and Law (2018 – 2021). With the orientation to become an Attorney specializing in Consulting and Litigation, She attended the Law Practice Training course at the Judicial Academy – Ho Chi Minh City as well as a trainee and completed the probationary final exam in 2019. She was granted a law practice license by the Ministry of Justice in 2019. The same year, she joined Vietnam Bar Federation and became a member of The Bar Association of Ho Chi Minh City.

   Before joining The Lam Law LLC as an Associate, Attorney Vy has experienced a long time in the banking and corporate environment (5 years working in the field of Banking and 6 years working in the field of Logistics). Because of the long exposure in the above environments, she understands the difficulties that businesses are facing and she can update quickly the relevant legal regulations and gives appropriate advice for each Enterprise.

   During the process of working as a Personal Attorney, she has assisted many clients to solve their problems in the performance of commercial contracts, issues related to Marriage – Family, Inheritance,…

   Attorney Vy decided to challenge herself on a new path to develop her career when joining The Lam Law LLC in June 2022 as an Associate. At The Lam, she mainly performs consulting and litigation to resolve disputes related to areas such as Labor, Marriage – Family, Contract, Commercial, Intellectual Property, … in Court. In addition, she also gives legal opinions and accompanies clients in the process of negotiation and settlement of disputes arising during the implementation of contracts and transactions in the fields of law such as Commerce, Maritime,… without Court proceedings.


Bachelor of Finance & Banking – University of Finance – Marketing.

Bachelor of Law – Ho Chi Minh City University of Law.

Academy of Justice – Lawyer Training course.

Master of Law – University of Economics and Law.


Member of The Bar Association of Ho Chi Minh City.